Annoncement ⁠— $1.8M Secured for Pre-clinical Development
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An innovative contraceptive that is designed to delight you.


1960 was a defining moment in history. The introduction of oral hormonal birth control gave women easy control over their reproductive decisions and ushered in historical achievements in gender equality. However, as we start documenting the side-effects that hormonal birth control methods cause, it is clear that we can do better.

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The pursuit of revolutionary solutions

Our goal is to uphold the radical ideals that fueled the initial birth control movement. No longer should we accept the side effects that have become normalized by hormonal birth control. Nor the inconvenience of existing alternatives.

OUI is embracing innovation to expand freedom for women. In this pursuit, we should not settle for anything less than revolutionary.

Our approach

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OUI only modifies the superficial mucus layer and no hormones are added to the formula.

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OUI works on-demand and creates a long-lasting barrier, providing freedom to use birth control as it fits your life.

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OUI is designed by and for women to be elegant, easy, and convenient to use.

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Zero Compromise Contraception

OUI is a vaginal capsule that after insertion rapidly dissolves and releases the formulation. It is targeted to provide effective birth control a minute after insertion and for up to 1 day without the use of any hormones.

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How does OUI work?

OUI makes cervical mucus temporarily impenetrable to sperm. The barrier is established by a molecule that strongly interacts with cervical mucus and thereby reinforce the mucus to make it impenetrable for sperm cells. As the sperm cells are unable to enter the cervix they are maintained in the vaginal cavity where the low pH environment of the vagina deactivates them.

Why mucus engineering?

What makes the mucus engineering approach to birth control appealing is that the mucus is modified via topical treatment. This means that the formulation only interacts with the mucus layer on top of the mucosa and is not acting like a drug, which is ideal when the goal is to minimize side-effects.

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Our story

We are a mission-driven team motivated by transforming scientific discoveries into products that make a real difference


Career opportunities

Want to be part of our journey towards creating the next-generation contraceptive technology?


Head of Product Development

Copenhagen, Denmark (Full time)